Let’s Talk Change  Seminars
Employee Training Seminars…Because RELATIONSHIPS Are Everywhere!

Let’s Talk Change” Seminars

Employee Training Seminars…Because RELATIONSHIPS Are Everywhere!

Inspiring Positive Change in and out of the Workplace

Help your employees lead a healthy and satisfying life when you turn to Let’s Talk “CHANGE” Seminars. We provide high-impact training programs that boost their self-confidence and relationships with other people. Our organization also offers seminars for novice and experienced teachers. Contact us to request a free quote or estimate!

Program Offerings

CONNECT…the Pieces

This program is for anyone who interacts with others on any level. Less failure and more success will be at each participant’s disposal if they are willing to use strategies from this intensive, interactive, life-changing, relationship-building, and career-enhancing experience.

Developing people skills and recognizing the first person that may need to “change” is “self” will be the beginning for more people working together instead of against each other. By developing personal growth and people skills, we can empower your employees. Program pieces include:

  • Examining the elements of Emotional Intelligence and the importance of emotional competence
  • The BIG picture in your workplace and how you “fit in”
  • Conflict resolution…options. Ways to avoid simple conflicts
  • Engage in reflective discourse about demands and expectations others have of us, and how our own judgments and values hinder meeting the needs of others
  • Understanding the main key to building rapport with others…EMPATHY
  • The STRESS of LIFE. Tips for dealing with stressors and coping with unpleasant stress
  • Action taking techniques for more positive self-esteem/self-worth; internal motivation
  • Choosing to change by making a commitment to take control of self by changing self

CONNECT… Especially for Educators

According to the National Labor Relations Board, teachers have some of the highest levels of occupational stress. Instructors with these characteristics create learning environments that can have harmful effects on both students and other people in the learning community. To prevent all these, we offer our Connect… Especially for Educators program.

CONNECT provides teachers with an opportunity to develop their social and emotional skills. Both of these are needed to improve interactions with the school staff, as well as with parents, guardians, and students.

Although teaching is often done in the isolation of a classroom, good teaching involves collaboration and communication with other colleagues. Through our training program, your staff can capitalize on all coworker relationships.

Our presentation follows a similar outline and format as CONNECT…the Pieces. The difference is that it is specifically designed to bring educators together for support, learning, and personal growth. CONNECT… Especially for Educators will also serve as a model, allowing teachers to educate students on how to resolve conflicts and be emotionally competent.

NETWORKING… For the Novice

Many schools experience emergency hiring or a high number of teachers replaced with novice teachers. The National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future have also reported that less than 1% of beginning teachers have participated in sustained, comprehensive induction programs.

Through our training, we can address the problem of retention that is acute in both urban and nonurban schools. Tips and techniques are provided to help the novice assume their new role in the classroom, and prevent feelings of isolation and unpreparedness. We can also work with you to develop a plan of induction for your novice teachers.

My Service Performance Will “Knock Your Socks Off”!

Great customer service skills are the best predictor of growth, stability, increased profits, and overall success of your organization. Investing in good customer service training will not only pay off, but it will also give your employees powerful tools to keep customers returning and feeling good about your product or service.

Anyone dealing with customers on a regular basis needs tools to help replenish energy, reduce unpleasant stress, communicate effectively, and deal with difficult people.

Important Reminders

All full-day seminar participants will receive a workbook covering course materials for future reference. These ensure goal attainment and skill retention. Our face-to-face training also provides the human factor. Participants will surely enjoy the group interaction that’s vital to the learning process.


Dr. J has been a repeat presenter for Oakland Community College over the past 3-4 years. Evaluations returned commented on the practical life changing information and skills taught to improve communication and relationships with others. Attendees also indicated they would recommend seminar to others for self-improvement.

- Valerie Merriwether, Faculty/Manager

Academic Support, Oakland Community College

I have never assessed a training afterwards, after its conclusion, with higher marks. Every evaluation came back excellent, and every evaluation indicated personal growth from employees. I think that’s the highest endorsement anyone could give.

- Victor L. Marsh, Former Director (Office of Administration)

Wayne County Commission

I had some great, positive feelings after leaving the seminar today. I have a lot of stress in my life with work, people, etc. and to learn to deal with it in a positive manner with tools I am walking out of the seminar with makes me feel like tomorrow I don’t have to be stressed…

- Diane Philpot, MI-COPS

This was one of the BEST, if not the BEST workshops I have attended at my school. Dr. J is an excellent speaker who interacted with everyone. She provided examples and stories to make ideas real. You leave having a sense of where you need to improve.

- Janet Baldwin, Detroit Public Schools